Joint Integrity Training

Correct gasket installation is essential to safe operations. If the correct gasket is not ordered, or if it is not installed correctly by competent maintenance personnel, the gasket can be the root cause of a major HSE investigated incident. Working in partnership with Flexitallic, we offer comprehensive range of training services, provided by the Academy Of Joint Integrity.


The Gasket remains fundamental to all process industries and understanding of the sealing element is critical within the flange assembly process.

Flange components dynamic reactions to temperature and pressure remains critical when calculating applied loads, too little and the flange will leak, too high and the gasket may leak and components may be compromised. Knowledge of gasket constants bolt and flange materials, and predictable behaviour during operational phase will save expensive re work and increase safety performance.

Ageing assets with corrosion and extreme fabric maintenance challenges the maintenance schedules, however knowledge of Integrity latest best practice will aid the Engineer to underpin issues and extend the life of the asset.

Extensive sealing technology experience underpins the Academy offerings, all provided by Professional Engineers with site and Application Engineering experience.

The Academy of Joint Integrity can provide accredited, bespoke and open courses covering all aspects of joint integrity and gasket installation. Whether it’s an introductory awareness course for you, or a full program for your engineers, we provide open and accessible training. Training can be delivered onsite or at one of our dedicated training venues. We use specialist flanged joint assembly rigs to give the best mix of practical hands on training and classroom learning.

For more information on the range of courses available, flange management products and services, contact us.