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Compression Packing

Henry Gallacher offers a wide range of pump packings typically used on valve, rotary and reciprocating pump applications and we have an extensive range of sizes available in stock.

Flexitallic 305

Flexitallic 305 compression packing, is a high quality packing constructed by square -braiding high purity Exfoliated Graphite.

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Flexitallic 306

306 -Flexitallic 306 is a high quality packing manufactured from high purity exfoliated graphite reinforced with inconel wire.

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Flexitallic 26D

26D – Flexitallic 26D compression packing, is a soft packing constructed by X-braiding pure PTFE yarn.

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Flexitallic 774

774 – Flexitallic 774 is constructed by x-braiding glass yarn impregnated with mineral oil and graphite.

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