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flange insulation sleeves

Flange Insulation Sleeves and Washers

Ideal insulation solutions for your specific projects.

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Finding Unique Solutions For You

At Henry Gallacher, we strive to accommodate the unique needs of every industry and application by offering a diverse range of insulation sleeve and washer materials.

Our selection is thoughtfully curated to provide solutions that cater to a multitude of working environments, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability. Whether it’s metric or imperial bolt sizes, our comprehensive stock encompasses a wide variety of dimensions, allowing our customers to find the precise fit they require.

We understand the importance of versatility and precision in industrial settings, and our commitment lies in delivering high-quality materials that meet the exact specifications of our valued clientele.

Trust Henry Gallacher to provide the ideal insulation solutions for your specific projects, delivering performance and durability you can rely on.

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Flange Insulation Sleeves

  • Mylar – robust and consistent, this cost-effective insulation sleeve is our most popular insulation sleeve material. We stock thousands of meters in various sizes to cut not only costs for our customers but lead times too.
  • G10 – a high quality epoxy glass tube suitable for use up to 130 degrees Celsius / 265 deg F. This material provides high mechanical and electrical strength, low water absorption, and is resistant to many chemicals.
  • Nomex – suitable for use up to 250 deg C, Nomex is a great mid-level material high temperature applications. Like our other tubing materials, sizes to suit both imperial and metric bolts are available from stock.
  • Filamic – the material of choice for high temperature applications. Suitable for use up to 650 degrees C / 1200 deg F, our filamic tubing is very popular. Possessing both excellent thermal and electrical properties, this mica & silicone resin is the reliable choice of sleeving for high temperature applications.
  • G11 – a grade higher than our G10, the G11 tubing is suitable for use at 155 deg C / 310 deg F. This material provides high mechanical and electrical strength, low water absorption, and is resistant to many chemicals
  • Phenolic – this sleeving provides excellent mechanical strength and machining properties. Made from a high quality phenolic paper, this product provides great electrical insulation when in normal air humidity.


  • Phenolic
  • G10
  • Various non asbestos/synthetic fibre materials
  • G11
  • MSZP
  • 316 Stainless Steel

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