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Flange Insulation Sets

We manufacture and stock Flange insulation kits, including Type D, Type E and Type D.

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Insulate Flanged Joints

Flange insulation sets are used to insulate flanged joints in piping systems, which helps prevent corrosion and electrical airing between the flanges. These kits are an important tool for ensuring the long-term reliability and safety of piping systems, especially in environments where corrosion or electrical issues arise.

Our Standard Flange Sets comprise of the following:

  • One 3.2mm thick Neoprene Faced Phenolic Gasket
  • Two 3mm thick Phenolic Washers per bolt
  • Two 3mm thick MSZP Washers per bolt
  • One Mylar (Polyester) Sleeve per bolt
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Why would flange insulation kits be necessary?

Common Reasons

One common reason is to prevent galvanic corrosion, which can occur when two dissimilar metals are in contact with each other in the presence of an electrolyte (such as water or salt).

In a piping system, the flanges may be made of different materials, such as steel and copper, which can lead to corrosion if they come into contact. Flange insulation kits prevent this contact, reducing the risk of corrosions.

Insulation kits can also be used to prevent electrical arcing between flanges, which can occur when there is a potential difference between the two flanges. This can be a particular concern in piping systems that carry fluids that are conductive or have high static charges. The insulation in the kit helps to isolate the flanges and prevent arcing.

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