Henry Gallacher Limited

Formed in 1965 for the express purpose of providing a fast emergency gasket cutting service for the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical and Steel plant operators on Teesside.

Henry Gallacher Limited – First for Flange Insulation Kits & Flange Protection

We are the UK leading manufacturer of Flange Insulation Kits, essentially used for isolating flanges to prevent pipeline flange corrosion typically where a seal is required between dissimilar metals. All components are quality checked during and after manufacture, components are separately bagged and packaged in plain cartons.

Quality and Experience

For over 50 years our expertise and reputation has developed to enable us to serve industry sectors including Fabrication, Power Generation Shutdowns, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas ,Marine & Steel throughout the UK, Europe, Far, Near and Middle East and across the World.

Shutdown Services

Henry Gallacher Ltd specialises in Power Generation Rapid Shutdown emergency gasket services. Our unrivalled lightning fast turnaround, usually with same day despatch, saves you time and money.

Wide Range of Sealing Products

We manufacture, stock and supply an extensive range of sealing products from Metallic & Semi-Metallic gaskets, all types of soft cut gaskets in materials such as: Compressed Synthetic Fibre, High Performance PTFE jointing (SIGMA Range), High Temperature materials (Thermiculite Range), WRAS Approved EPDM Rubber, Neoprene, High Grade Nitrile, Silicone, Viton, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant & Sheet, Glass Webbings & Ladder Tape, Valve,Pump &Gland Packings,Cork Sheet, Closed Cell Neoprene.

Always Ready!

Our experience and expertise ensures you will get the right gasket for the application exactly when you need it. All the team at Henry Gallacher Ltd pride ourselves in our ability to provide superb quality and a rapid delivery for both manufactured and stock items. With our factory being open 7 days a week, supported by an emergency 24 hour call out service when needed, you can be sure that we will be there when you need us.

Henry Gallacher Limited and Flexitallic

Since 2002 Henry Gallacher Ltd has been proud to be a Key Allied Distributor for Global Gasket Materials manufacturer Flexitallic. As a result we are able to advise on and supply unique products such as the CHANGE Gasket.Thermiculite High Temperature Products, the new Corriculite Gasket and a complete range of I-Flex Flange Insulation Kits. Flexitallic, supported by Henry Gallacher Ltd, are always at the forefront of sealing technology which allows us to provide technical expertise.These close links mean that we are always able to supply, with confidence, the latest quality products as they arrive on the market