Flange Insulation Sets

Standard Flange Insulation Sets comprise:
One 3.2mm thick Neoprene Faced Phenolic Gasket
Two 3mm thick Phenolic Washers per bolt
Two 3mm thick MSZP Washers per bolt
One Mylar (Polyester) Sleeve per bolt

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Henry Gallacher Flange Insulating setsFlange Insulating sets annotated

The Right Choice

For High temperature, High Pressure, Fire Safe & Critical applications, suitable alternative options are available.
Please enquire direct with our sales team.

Flexitallic Novus HDS-1

Novus HDS-1 is a superior high performance high dielectric strength universal compressed sheet gasket material based on a blend of aramid/inorganic fibres and special additives with a high quality nitrile rubber binder system.

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