Graphite Products

The Flexitallic Flexicarb range is an exfoliated graphite material with standard grades at 95% to 98% and a nuclear grade available at 99.5%. It can be supplied with an inorganic passivating inhibitor to increase its oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Recent experiences and tests have shown that Flexicarb will oxidize over time. Care should be taken when considering the use of Flexicarb foil for applications above 330°C (650°F).

Flexitallic Flexicarb RGS1

High purity graphite laminate sheet with a Nickel foil reinforcement with low Sulphur and Chloride content. Used in general application including steam and chemicals, it is particularly recommended where ease of gasket cutting is important.

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Flexitallic Flexicarb RGS4

High purity graphite laminate reinforced with a flat stainless steel core. Can be used to seal a wide range of media at extremes of temperature and pressure, however the product is not recommended for sealing against strong chemical oxidising agents.

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Flexitallic Novus TI

Novus TI is a graphite laminate product reinforced with an insertion of tanged 0.10mm thick 316 stainless steel. No adhesive is required to bond the graphite layers to the tanged insert resulting in a sturdy gasket material with excellent mechanical strength.

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Frenzelit SSTC

High-pressure gasket material made from expanded graphite for maximum safety requirements. Novaphit® gaskets made from expanded pure graphite are suitable for high chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. They do their job reliably even when there are extreme fluctuations in conditions.

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